Being blacklisted (list of websites distributing malicious software) has become a common problem among companies worldwide. How is it possible that Google thinks your companies website is trying to infect visitors with viruses when you haven't added or authorized it? It's important to note, that this article discusses being blacklisted for malicious content that you haven't added yourself. Being blacklisted for using black hat SEO (illegal tactics of search engine optimisation) is out of the scope of this article and quite frankly - your own fault. Google regularly checks pages it has indexed. If any of them forces visitor to download malicious software, it gets blacklisted. Next time visitors clicks to the link he/she gets a warning informing about possible harm to computer caused by visiting the site. You can imagine most people rather click "back" than "ignore the warning". Damage it can cause to your companies reputation and sales can be huge if the problem is not dealt with quickly
Posted on 03 Bovember 2010
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